REVIEW: Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery (2022)

2019โ€™s Knives Out was a surprisingly enjoyable follow-up from the guy who killed Star Wars. The all-star cast, witty script, and whiplash-inducing twists made for a unique viewing experience. I donโ€™t usually feel strongly one way or another about mysteries, but a really exciting one can hook me. Thereโ€™s something electrifying in the way Knives Out uses comedy to enhance the plotโ€™s turns. The cast was also utilized in interesting ways, such as Ana de Armas playing the timid nurse or Chris Evans as the a*****e trust fund baby. Naturally, I was excited about the prospect of more adventures with Daniel Craigโ€™s Detective Benoit Blanc. Like director Rian Johnson, Craig should be steered away from franchise fare and towards more quirky work. He owns this role and is very adept at physical...

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Nov 27th 2022
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