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Watched the first 3 episodes. I was a fan of Terry Pratchett's discworld novels when I was a kid, and the 2000s tv specials, like the Hogfather and Going Postal. The irony laced characters that work in a parody of high fantasy, such as the Discworld novels, don't work in a low fantasy world like in Good Omens. The characters don't have the same comedic relief, and come off as very contrived, with no spontaneity or originality. The story elements are made up of midwit history deconstructions; little factoids the mean nothing, monologued at the audience with no timing or punch lines. One of my least favorite styles of humor is the staple of thisย  series, making character act and joke as if they are uninterested corporate employees, going through the motions. This especially annoying since the main characters are a angel and a demon fulfilling an ironic simplistic version of the biblical apocalypse. Visually, the effects and directing are pretty forgettable, but nothing is too terrible.
Nov 27th 2022
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