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This is the worst Marvel film I have seen. I stopped watching them after End Game so there may be worse ones I did not bother to watch. I will now go through all of the issues I have with this film.
  1. Thor is no longer a badass masculine hero, he is the fall man who needs women to save him in every instance. He has no charisma and is robbed of his authority.
  2. Asgard is now majority non-White. The diversity of Asgard (which is the world of the Norse gods) has always been a problem but this is a whole other level. I wonder if Asgard has a Norse God Equivalent of the Identitarian movement?
  3. The "King" of Asgard is now a Black woman who happens to also be a lesbian. This character has several insufferable 'girl-boss' moments which remind us how Marvel could only make good films when they were marketed to men.
  4. Thor's rocky sidekick is now gay and making a baby with another male rock alien.
  5. Gods are for the most part portrayed as uncaring and pretty much evil, especially Zeus and his pantheon. This is yet another dig at organised religion. How different is this portrayal of the gods to the positive role model we had from Thor in the earlier films.
  6. And for the big one, they made Jane Foster a female Thor who in her courage and strength often puts the original Thor to shame. The pinnacle of masculinity in the super hero world is now female. How woke.
Avoid this film and everything also churned out by the Disney corporation.
Nov 25th 2022
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