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The premise of this television show is a view of the life of a woman from a medium sized Japanese city who moves to Tokyo at 23 or so, with episodes spaced a few years apart, and showing snippets of her life until early 40s. Obviously aimed at women, this show is also enjoyable for dudes like myself by looking through our own lens on life. There are lots of feminist themes, but I explain in the spoiler section below why that is actually a good thing in this case. As for diversity, there is none, and one gay character pops up as a minor accessory.  I'm not the most attentive to detail, but the acting seems to be quite good as well, which is rare for Japanese live action television shows. The rest of this might somewhat spoil it, so be warned: I think that amazon studios was going for a gyno-centric slice of life show aimed at wannabe metropolitan women. That would have been mediocre, stupid, and sh*t, as per sex and the city. What resulted instead is an excellent, entertaining, but bitterly realistic look at the reality of the standard feminist career woman dream, and a reminder that you can't eat your cake and have it too. Aya, the main character, is shown stumbling through life, seeking her career woman dream and succeeding at it, only realizing too late that she has subsequently thrown away her chance at a family and a legacy. Overall, this is a hidden and accidental gem. Watch it for free though, because giving amazon shekels is morally unjustified.
Nov 24th 2022
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