REVIEW: Andor Season 1, Episode 12, “Rix Road”


Brasso learns that Cassian is likely on his way home. Mon Mothma confronts Perrin about gambling on Coruscant. Vel joins Cinta on Ferrix. Pegla finds Cassian waiting for Bix and tells him where she is. Cassian listens to Nemik’s manifesto. Blevin talks to Mon Mothma’s driver Cloris about the couple’s troubles. Antor Creeger’s men are wiped out, angering Dedra as there are no survivors to interrogate. Brasso meets with Cassian and relays a message from his mother. Syril and Linus arrive on Ferrix. Luthen, Cinta, and Vel head to the hotel where the ISB is holding Bix. Dedra contends with her peers about whether to take Andor in alive. Bee plays a hologram of Marva. As a riot ensues, Cassian rescues Bix, and Syril saves Dedra. Cassian and Bix rendezvous with Brasso. However,...

Contains Mention
Nov 24th 2022
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