REVIEW: Disenchanted (2022)

This week saw the early release of Disney’s Disenchanted on Disney+. The original 2007 film Enchanted was a fun musical parody of classic Disney movies like Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and The Little Mermaid. It has become something of a cult classic in the intervening years and, in my opinion, is the best parody of Disney ever. Other films produced by the Walt Disney studios and elsewhere either can’t decide how much to poke fun or do it to the detriment of their own story. Enchanted was both a spoof and a love letter, noting the ridiculousness of some fairy tale tropes without relentlessly mocking the genre. What most filmmakers these days don’t understand is that you can both love something and recognize that it’s ridiculous. I think that’s where the best genre satire...

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Nov 21st 2022
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