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I didn't watch 4 random ones as Mondo suggested, because my OCD wouldn't permit it. But after watching episode 1-6, I can say it gets my stamp of approval. I didn't know who Fujiko Fujio was but his art style reminds me of "Urusai Yatsura" and has the same vibe. Softer, abstract illustrations that emphasize the slapstick comedy v.s. the more sleek action oriented anime style we all are accustomed to. (Is the pacman facial expression a distinctly Fujio thing, or is it just that era?) Nowadays lots of anime is cookie cutter / paint by numbers/ loli fan service / robot crap. This show is a huge breath of fresh air because its formula isn't common in any other anime I've seen. It's basically "The Twilight Zone" in bite sized retro anime form. With art from the guy who co-created Doraemon so the tragic endings don't bite as hard. Great palate cleanser to watch while eating or between some serious consecutive drama you're watching.
Nov 16th 2022
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