‘She Said’ Offers Powerful Snapshot of Harvey Weinstein’s Downfall

Hollywood loves to celebrate journalism, but the profession isn’t easy to nail on screen.

Endless phone calls. Shoe leather reporting. Rejection after rejection until that key source finally comes clean. It’s hardly cinematic catnip.

The 1976 classic “All the President’s Men” had the advantage of Beltway shenanigans, mysterious figures like “Deep Throat” and the end of an American presidency.

“She Said” works with more modest resources – women sexually attacked by movie mogul Harvey Weinstein who won’t speak on the record (and understandably so).

We all know justice finally got its close-up, ending Weinstein’s reign of terror. That doesn’t stop “She Said” from telling a rigorous yarn, one that occasionally trips over its self-righteousness.


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Nov 16th 2022
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