The Last Mile, 1959 - ★★★

Viewed with the Amazing Edith's *Collab Film Group*.

Mickey Rooney was no slouch, eh? After child acting and being known for some light-hearted comedies he really ratcheted up the drama. During my John Frankenheimer retrospective with Nick and Min, I've recently discovered the Playhouse 90 feature called The Comedian--and Rooney is lights out. While I think that film is better than The Last Mile, Rooney is still up to the task of being F I E R C E. Filmed all on one location, the production design is a bit stale yet the lighting work is creative in its minimalism, providing ample dramatic flare when all we see are the reactions of the inmates when someone finally gets the chair. Some interesting half-baked yet heavy-handed themes are tossed onto our lap when Rooney starts arguing with...

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Nov 13th 2022
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