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I know a guy on Telegram who keeps sending me Christian video's because he hopes to convert me to his branch of baptist creationism, usually those video's are Dutch but occasionally he sends me one in English, decided to review this one. Where to start, lets start at the positive point from this video, the maker of this short film does give a good idea that the kinds of modern, seculiar worldview you find at universities, leads to a kind of moral nihilism, obviously a lot of people he interviews dont have a clear idea what a moral worldview is or should be, neither do they understand their own history and culture. This is mostly where the positive feedback ends, its just a lot of snippits of the guy interviewing someone and going "yeah but you never saw evolution take place, did you!" or "can you make a rose from nothing!" which is silly, as human beings we have a creative imagination that can create our own reality based on the data we receive, therefor we can indeed "see". Now we see a lot of people, trying to explain some difficult concepts to him, but of course, we dont get the time to really hear them speak, which is a pity, for example, he doesnt seem to understand that evolution is evolution and the word "kinds" is a useful linguistic concepts, but that does not mean that a bird developing a different coat of fur, is different from an early dinosaur evolving, slowly, into modern birds. Personally, I could never stand the debate between atheists and creationists, I always get the idea that neither side really believes in a Logos, or a rational universe. If there is a spiritual dimension to reality, and I certainly see one, then we should see a constant state of "transmutation" going on, on all scales and all aspects of reality. What both sides in this debate fail to realise is, that the unfolding of life towards more complex and moral forms, is nothing more then the purification of lower matter, into one of a higher order, this both validates evolution and the belief in God. These two concepts dont oppose each other. I gave this three fedora's because atheism and creationism are literal each others left and righthand, where the one goes, you will find the other.
Nov 4th 2022
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