I suppose because today is Halloween I should have something seasonal here. Above, the famous “Chloe Postcard” from The Myrtles, a haunted house in my Louisiana hometown. Look just behind the white pillar, near where the two buildings meet. You’ll see the image of a slightly stooped woman. Some say that’s Chloe, the 19th century servant ghost who supposedly lingers there.

You’ve heard all my ghost stories over the years, so I won’t repeat them in much detail here. Here’s a fun collection of anecdotes from travel writers who experienced spooky places, for starters. And there was a neat story in the Times the other day about what it’s like to live in a haunted house. Excerpts:

On a routine afternoon, Shane Booth, a photography professor living in Benson, N.C., was folding...

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Oct 31st 2022
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