'You're in my prison now': New Yellowstone Season 5 preview implies dark times ahead for a lead character

We're a few weeks away from season 5 of Yellowstone, and it doesn't look like it's going to be a pleasant ten episodes for Attorney General Jamie Dutton.

Quick recap: Jamie had a falling out with the Dutton's. He found out he was adopted and tracked down his real dad. His real dad ordered a hit to take out the entire Dutton family. Jamie didn't know this until his sister Beth Dutton threatened to kill him. Jamie killed his dad, and Beth was there to take a blackmail photo as Jamie was dumping the body.

Once you let all that percolate in your noggin for a spell, you can press play.

"You're in my prison now." #YellowstoneTV pic.twitter.com/IPby9BXu8s

— Yellowstone (@Yellowstone) October 27, 2022

It's an odd dynamic. Because incoming Governor John Dutton and Beth are supposed to be...

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Oct 29th 2022
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