TÁR, 2022 - ★★★★½

Incredible, layered film about a complex and very human woman. Blanchett delivers the best performance of the year (that I've seen) but the direction is just as amazing. There are so many scenes where you don't notice that the camera hasn't cut. It achieves its oners with masterful nuance and precision, allowing tension in scenes to gradually build to crescendos.

Todd Field proves he's as masterful a director as Tar is a conductor, and he conducts the film in such a way that we become engrossed in the music, in the world, in Lydia Tar. We see the problems in her life mounting, and, even though she might not be the most likeable person, we understand her. I felt myself at the edge of my seat throughout the second half of the film. The suspense from her self destruction was palpable.


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Oct 26th 2022
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