Drinker's Chasers - Black Adam First Impressions

MauLer and I give our first impressions of Black Adam.

I suppose we could just briefly touch on Black Adam uh yeah in a non-sexual way but yeah it was a oh well yeah go first I guess uh it was a movie definitely there's no denying it was a film I mean I I think it's combined in the two like most like overused Commodities in modern Cinema you know like superhero movies and The Rock um yeah but it wasn't terrible I it's weird like I'm sure I tweeted about this earlier it's like I can't really think of anything massive to criticize it for but I can't really think of anything to praise it for either it's just kind of a movie um this this writing flaws for sure I was expected to be way worse I came out which being like yeah all right then um I the height of my enjoyment was...

Oct 24th 2022
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