Was Punk Rock For Sale? The Clash at the 1983 US Festival

The Clash at the 1983 US Festival.

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On Memorial Day weekend, 1983, The Clash held their final concert. It was a meaningful one aside from that, given that it was part of a four-day festival in San Bernardino, California that featured some of the most popular music acts in the world at the time. The Clash headlined what was called New Wave Day on Saturday, May 28, and played to perhaps 100,000 people in the stifling heat. Organized by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, the second US Festival (which is pronounced like the pronoun, and that reprised the inaugural event from September of the previous year) was an attempt to merge cutting-edge pop with cutting-edge technology, where concertgoers could listen to music as well play the latest video games in air-conditioned tents. It...

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Oct 24th 2022
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