REVIEW: Andor – Season 1, Episode 7, “Announcement”


“Announcement” finds Syril and his mother debating his suit when he learns of what happened on Aldhani. The ISB is given access to all naval documents, but Dedra isn’t happy they’re treating it as a robbery. Syril is hired by the Bureau of Standards. Back on Aldhani, Cinta uncovers a speeder. Clea meets with Vel and orders her to find Andor and kill him. Cassian arrives home to Marva on Ferrix. She tells him everything, and he plans to leave in the morning for another planet. Mon Mothma recruits an old friend to help her move money for the Rebellion. Cassian visits Bix, who tells him to get off Ferrix. At home, Marva and Bee tell Cassian they’re not going with him. Marva tells Cassian to stop looking for his sister. Blevin publicly questions Dedra’s behavior in investigating...

Contains Mention
Oct 20th 2022
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