Half in the Bag: I Love My Dad, Watcher and Vengeance
04:01 "... with 1.9 million worldwide i love my dad ..."
04:36 "... i'm sure i love my dad didn't get 3000 ..."
05:25 "... like i found out about i love my dad on ..."

There comes a time in two men's lives when they never watch The Batman. That time is now. Instead, these strapping young gentlemeeps watched three films that lay somewhere in the middle of the movie-greatness spectrum. Watcher, I Love My Dad and Vengeance. Three movies you may have heard of or seen available on your streaming servonk. These moopies are entertaining, interesting, lovable and sometimes flawed. But isn't that everyone of we? Does not pirate them. Support filmmakers making something other than Game of Thrones prequels or billion dollar Lord of the Rings prequels or whatever sharts are coming out soon (except for the upcoming 96th season of Ghost Adventures where the gang is sure to find their most compelling evidence yet!) Anyways, watch moopies that make you think. Make you feel scared. Or make you horribly uncomfortable. Everyday doesn't have to be a Tums festival but everyday can be a lovely day where you give a little indie movie a chance. However, never give that 1 star garbage a chance if the trailer opens with a drone shot.

(02:58) I Love My Dad

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Aug 26th 2022
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