House of the Dragon SLAPS Fans in the FACE | It's Game of Thrones All OVER AGAIN | Bail Out NOW!

House of the Dragon has suckered a lot of people into forgetting about how badly HBO screwed us all with Game of Thrones, but Doomcock was not fooled. I warned all of you these showrunners couldn't be trusted any more than the old ones were, and now I have been proven right - it's all happening AGAIN. Two of the worst screw-ups from Game of Thrones Season 8 have already been repeated, and House of the Dragon is only on Season ONE! In this video I break down why I despise George RR Martin's entire franchise at this point, and make the case why you should stop watching House of the Dragon NOW, before it gets WORSE! #houseofthedragon #gameofthrones #HBO

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Oct 6th 2022
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