For the love of God, stop making 'Star Trek' movies

Star TrekStar Trek Into DarknessStar Trek BeyondStar Trek Into DrowsinessSeinfeldDie Another DayHot FuzzBeyondBattlestar Galacticaidris elbajohn chomovie reviewsstar trekzachary quintozoe saldana Fifty years on, the “Star Trek” franchise is still fresh: It keeps coming up with new ways to suck. From the corny sermonizing and furniture-quality acting of the original TV series to the senseless ker-blammo of 2013’s “Star Trek Into Darkness,” we now coast on the fumes of lackluster comedy that power “Star Trek Beyond.” They should have called it “Star Trek Into Drowsiness.” A menopausal James T. Kirk (Chris Pine), having lost his groove when attacked by poodle-sized gremlins, is in a reflective phase: “It can be a challenge to feel grounded...

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Jul 21st 2016
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