REVIEW: Andor – Season 1, Episode 5, “The Axe Forgets”


In “The Axe Forgets,” Cassian bonds with his small band of Rebels. Mon Mothma’s daughter chooses to go with her father instead of her. ISB agent Dedra Meero continues researching Rebel activities. Skeen discovers Cassian’s a mercenary, causing clashes among the group. As Lieutenant Gorn reduces staffing for the night of the attack, Zel’s small crew pulls together in preparation for the attack. 

Andor’s cinematography continues to impress in “The Axe Forgets.” The scenery at the Rebel camp is just stunning, and it’s magnificent when the TIE fighters swoop overhead. They’ve put these small Imperial craft into a new perspective, specifically that of the everyman. When you don’t have the Force or a ship of your own, these things are terrifying! It’s almost...

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Oct 6th 2022
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