Popcorn With Zenger: ‘Bullet Train’ Is A Poor Man’s Guy Ritchie Film

By Jacob Smith

Sony Pictures “Bullet Train” is the latest  “John Wick”-style flick that pales in comparison to the franchise, which has run its course.

Sony has invested big money into promoting “Bullet Train,” especially since Brad Pitt is the lead. Casting Pitt in a movie directed by the original producer of John Wick seems like a slam dunk for a studio that needs a hit.

The question is: Can Pitt’s name still carry a franchise in the year 2022?

A movie like “Bullet Train” sounds good on paper — until you hire a screenwriter that doesn’t have a single feature film on his resume. The film reflects his inexperience. Yet, given Pitt’s marquee value, “Bullet Train” made $4.6 million at the box office in its Thursday, Aug. 4 preview screenings,...

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Aug 15th 2022
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