Popcorn With Zenger: ‘Not Okay’ Bait And Switches Its Way To 2022’s Worst Film

By Jacob Smith

On occasion, filmmakers eager to make a provocative social point say more about themselves than the ugly truths they hope to expose.

“Not Okay” is a good example.

Some critics suggest “Not Okay” is a film that criticizes the negative aspects of social media, while taking a sledgehammer to white privilege, white feminism and fascism. In reality, “Not Okay,” now streaming on Hulu, is the cinematic equivalent of one white woman complaining about another.

In the hands of the right filmmaker, this could have been a movie about a narcissistic woman who struggles to maintain a socially acceptable lifestyle in a large metropolitan city. Instead, we got the latest film from Quinn Shephard (“Blame”).

“Satire” is the use of humor, irony,...

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Aug 15th 2022
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