Popcorn With Zenger: ‘Prey’ Makes For A Solid But Flawed Addition To A Broken Franchise

By Jacob Smith

While a new “Predator” won’t excite longtime fans of the series, Hollywood nets enough money from the franchise to currently stream its prequel — “Prey” — on Hulu rather than debut a theatrical release.

And the decision paid off.

The Disney-owned streamer reported that “Prey” earned the most viewing hours in its first three days of any show to date, according to Variety.

There has been a lot of speculation over the last few months about “Prey” within the “Predator” franchise. Instead of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Danny Glover or even Adrien Brody battling one cinema’s most iconic monsters, this round we have a 25-year-old actress, Amber Midthunder, as the warrior challenging the world’s most advanced predator. Midthunder...

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Aug 16th 2022
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