Thief, 1981 - ★★★★½

Frank: I have run out of time. I have lost it… all. And so, I can't.. I can’t work fast enough to catch up and I can't run fast enough to catch up. And the only thing that catches me up is doing my magic act.

The last four films seen and logged have been 4.5-5 star gems. Maybe at some point soon on this traversal through scanned & restored rolling nitrate reaching through my screen and enrapturing me in its alluring hands there will be a phase wherein my eyes peer over some real dreadful, atrocious, and unsubstantial filmic “less than 3 stars” garbage just to keep myself and others limber. Watching banger after banger can get a bit musty on the histogram, but certainly it would be dispiriting to watch a film with the strongest precognition that I will hate it with a burning...

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Sep 28th 2022
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