‘The Visitor’ Brings New Meaning to Downer Horror

“The Visitor” turns the old saw, “you can’t go home again” on its head.

The thriller follows a couple returning to the bride’s hometown only to run into a complication. Some how, some way, the groom may have lived there before.

Or someone who looks just like him.

Confused? That’s part of the film’s early charm. Except the more we learn, the less we’re engaged by the disappointing shocker.

Robert (Finn Jones) and Maia (Jessica McNamee) ditch London to be closer to her Southern roots. They made the decision together and both seem at peace with the move until Robert finds something unsettling in their new home.

An oil painting, hidden away but in fine shape, features a man who looks very much like Robert. It’s a coincidence at worst, a funny story to share with...

Proper Review
Oct 5th 2022
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