‘Hellraiser’ Reminds Us of Franchise’s Limits

Some horror classics don’t exactly earn their reputations.

John Carpenter’s “Halloween” redefined horror for the slasher-movie age, while copycat “Friday the 13th” lacked a fraction of that director’s vision.

Similarly, 1987’s “Hellraiser” earned a cult following despite its modest rewards and the pedestrian eight films (?) that followed.

Hulu’s “Hellraiser” reboot ups the ante on the original.

Better effects Respectable acting Body horror on steroids It’s still a film lacking a powerful third act, and the story behind the freak show misses a ripe angle.

Odessa A’zion stars as Riley, a troubled young woman struggling to maintain her sobriety. She unwisely teams with her beau (Drew Starkey) to break into a storage facility owned by a mysterious...

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Oct 5th 2022
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