REVIEW: Andor – Season 1, Episode 3

The first two episodes of Andor have been promising but not amazing, displaying a different look and tone for Star Wars. “Episode 3” is supposed to close out this initial arc, as Cassian meets his official introduction to the Rebellion in Luthen Rael. Let’s have a look.


In “Episode 3,” Luthen meets Cassian as the Imperials close in. Flashbacks show Maarva finding and adopting the boy to save him from vengeful Imperial forces. Of course, this separates him from his sister. In the present, Maarva, Bix, and others struggle to cover for Cassian, and Timm is caught in the crossfire. Luthen and Cassian talk for too long and end up embroiled in a firefight with the recruits. They ultimately escape, leaving a demolished building, several dead men, and a demoralized Officer...

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Sep 24th 2022
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