babby's first redpill
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Had to watch the first hour on 2x but I'm glad it exists. We need more content like this on the right so we can share it when loved ones begin to question the bullsh*t normie narratives. It's more palatable to apolitical friends to watch this documentary than to get them into forums and podcasts and streams. And I've found that edgy memes or tiktoks usually don't go over well with females. So the fact that this focused on how Matt Walsh has daughters and how female athletes ๏ฝ†๏ฝ…๏ฝ…๏ฝŒwhen they are silenced, bullied, and robbed of a career, will go over very well with the women in your life. ( In fact, my friend said his wife started to get more redpilled after a tranny beat her in a local cycling competition. So if life doesn't redpill 'em, this is the 2nd best option. ) In any event, I'd say skip this film if you're gonna' watch it alone. But if you have females in your family, or have been dating a girl for a month already, then I highly recommend you watch it with them. It's a well done documentary and I mainly had to watch it on 2x because the redpills are so obvious they're below common sense. But the other reason is because I am sick and tired of documentaries and on the street interviews that make one side look dumb. Even if it's supporting my side, I know it's disingenuous selection bias so I can't even get the schadenfreude out of it. - All Gas No Brakes - Steven Crowder - Fleccas Talks - Jay Leno & any Late Night Comedy show - Penn & Teller's Bullsh*t - Mark Dice - Borat Yawn. But the movie gets real intense for the last 30 minutes and is sobering. It's easy to laugh at whacky trannies but we forget how evil this stuff truly is.
Sep 24th 2022
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