REVIEW: Andor – Season 1, Episode 1

Andor is a character and a show for which I’ve really been trying to temper my expectations. I didn’t like Rogue One or care much for its characters. The Book of Boba Fett and Obi-Wan Kenobi were sizable disappointments. I’ve quickly gone from “Star Wars TV is good, at least” to “Well, Star Wars animation (minus Resistance) and The Mandalorian are good, at least.” I really shouldn’t have any hopes for this show beyond being something to do for 45-ish minutes a week. But the Star Wars fan in me has hope for every one of these things, for some reason. I want Star Wars to be great, and I know it can be. And the trailers have been great! Lucasfilm and Disney+ have been trying their darndest to sell this show with a promising cast, impressive visuals, and a hint of political...

Contains Mention
Sep 22nd 2022
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