"Gruesome, Hopeless Horror"Content: -4 Intentional blasphemy, evil, gross immorality, and/or worldview problems. (To be avoided)

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What You Need To Know:BARBARIAN is a strange horror thriller about horrific secrets hidden in the basement of an Airbnb. Tess discovers that the Airbnb she rented is already taken by a man named Keith. The two agree to share it for one night. The night is awkward, and the two strangers don’t trust each other, but Tess makes it to morning without any danger. In the morning, Tess wanders into the basement, where she finds a secret room with evidence of evil. When Keith goes to investigate, they realize the dark secrets of the house go much deeper than they could have ever imagined.

BARBARIAN is a well-produced...

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Sep 12th 2022
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