Regal’s Rough Summer

Getty/Scott Olson

Regal Cinemas is the second-biggest theater circuit in the United States, operating 505 theaters in 42 states for a total 6,787 screens. It is owned by the British company Cineworld, which counts nearly 9,200 screens worldwide at over 750 theaters. The company employs roughly 28,000 people around the world.

And, as of this week, Cineworld had about $4 million, with an M, cash on hand.

Like some other theater chains, notably the Alamo Drafthouse, Cineworld has filed for bankruptcy in the face of Covid-related setbacks. Things are less dire than they were but more dire than hoped for: 2020 and 2021 were horrible years, but 2022 hasn’t seen as steady a recovery as hoped and a consistent lack of product from studios over the last couple of months finally sent...

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Sep 9th 2022
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