Star Wars: The Old Republic Delivers the Adventure and Excitement

Lifestyle var dataLayer = window.dataLayer = window.dataLayer || []; dataLayer.push({ 'videoName': 'STAR WARSu2122: The Old Republicu2122 - Trailer - Fate of the Galaxy', 'videoType': 'Curated' }); How would you like to live in the Star Wars universe? That was the offer made in 2003 to gamers purchasing Star Wars Galaxies, an online game set in a galaxy far, far away.However, like a Faustian bargain made in The Twilight Zone, the offer proved too accurate. The problem with simulating life is, if it is too real, it’s not interesting. Living in Galaxies proved to be mundane. Sure, you could eventually gallivant around the stars like Luke Skywalker and Han Solo. But you had to pay your dues in menial tasks like delivering letters and hunting space rabbits.In the end, Star Wars Galaxies...

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Apr 10th 2012
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