Dark is worth the watch
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You should watch Dark simply because there is no shoehorned in diversity. I was blown away that it was simply a story of a small white town in Germany. Because there is no in your face diversity, you can focus on the actual production.  This show probably isn't for everyone, as it is a very 'dark' show, its kind of creepy, and very confusing. But if you're into convoluted time travel and a more mature 'Stranger Things,' this is the show for you.  It definitely is one of those series where you want to watch the next episode so you can see what happens next. There is one trans person in the show, but guess what, he's a weirdo and a pariah. The show does not portray this character as someone you want to look up to, but rather someone emotionally messed up (they could have easily just made this character a woman though). If you want to get out your whiteboard to try and figure out the timeline in multiple universes while watching something that isn't uplifting and happy, I say watch this!
Aug 30th 2022
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