Huge Fantastic Four Reveal In Slott's Final Issue
00:02 "... as dan scott's journey on fantastic four ..."
00:21 "... if you put 46 issues of fantastic four ..."
00:35 "... the past year on the fantastic four ..."
00:41 "... fantastic four team moving forward we ..."
04:18 "... very first issue of fantastic four ..."
09:28 "... fantastic four family joanna jeffers and ..."
09:34 "... the fantastic four lower in mythos ..."

Dan Slott wraps up a bunch of lingering plot threads and drops a huge reveal in his final Fantastic Four issue. Slot began teasing Reed Richard's long-lost sister almost a years ago. Marvel Comics fans finally meet Joanna Jeffers. If you've been reading Marvel and DC the past 5 years, you probably know what to expect. To say Dan Slott embarrasses himself as he exits Fantastic Four is an understatement. Wes breaks down the huge reveal in Dan Slott's final issue of Fantastic Four. Reed's long-lost sister, Joanna Jeffers.

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Aug 24th 2022
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