Elvis Presley, Professor Quigley, & the Africanization of Youth

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The recent movie on Elvis Presley[1] is exceptional in its acting, script, and production. For those interested in such matters, it is also excellent as cultural history.

The movie deals to a significant extent with the African influences on Presleyโ€™s music. As a little boy growing up in a poor, integrated neighborhood, he was fascinated by the rhythms and gyrations of the blacks, including black gospel music. This boyhood fascination developed into an adolescent identification with the โ€œbluesโ€ of Negro musicians, and his frequenting of black nightclubs and bars.

With Presleyโ€™s distinctly Negro musical style and his equally Negro-influenced gyrations, the movie depicts the impact that he had on crowds of white female adolescents, which later spread to their initially...

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Aug 12th 2022
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