Remembering Babylon 5 Star Michael O'Hare

Lifestyle Michael O'Hare whose death at age 60 I just heard about today came as a special shock. He died of a totally unexpected heart attack. Of everybody I know I would have thought of Michael as the most indestructible, full of life and vitality.Michael was an actor who is best known for playing the lead during the first year of Babylon 5 and who should be best known for originating the lead in the Broadway play, A Few Good Man [I wish I could share with you his jokes about the play but to put it mildly he thought it was a travesty on the honor of the U.S. military], for which he was passed up in the film version in favor of Jack Nicholson.But that's not why Michael was important. He was a friend beyond measure; a brave and funny and noble person. His brother was killed in a naval flying...

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Apr 3rd 2013
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