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For this I reviewed the original French version and not the terrible English dub and dito terrible music score. The strenght of this animation, is not really the story, which is a fairly generic good versus evil tale, but the animation is glorious, colourful and livelike, with the world itself, like most French "fantastical" animations, being imaginery and original. The film starts out in a idylic town populated by nude blue woman, strange creatures and living plants, after a strange mechanical being attacks the village a hero is send out to discover who this enemy is. Now, this animation is not meant for children, there is a fair amount of nudity and some sex in the animation, as well as a council of bare breasted woman. But to anyone who like's good animation and surreal imagery, this one is certainly recommended.
Aug 9th 2022
This review was posted from the Netherlands or from a VPN in the Netherlands.
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