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Dutch cinema has always been small and most of it has always been trash, but just like every European nation there are those handful of wonderful little classics that instantly become popular and stay so with every generation. This one is a good example, directed by Bert Haanstra, more well know abroad by his many documentaries. Fanfare (as in a musical ensemble) is one of those films, a wonderful little 50's provincial film, filmed at location in the small Dutch town of Giethoorn, with its many canals and rustic old buildings. Its a comedic films about a local music ensemble that splits apart, because the local tavern keeper, a typical fat, pushy humorous fellow, keeps taunting the slim, turgid, introverted owner of a restaurant. Anyway, this ends up in a kind of cat and mouse game, where every group tries to be the official town fanfare orchestra, with a love afair, cows and lots of ducks thrown in the mix, of course, it all ends well, but I am not going to spoil the ending. Perhaps not as enjoyable if you are not Dutch, but for those who want to watch it, the film can be watched with English subs and in HD on YouTube.
Aug 9th 2022
This review was posted from the Netherlands or from a VPN in the Netherlands.
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