REVIEW: ‘Bullet Train’

Like Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt has appeared to be on the verge of reversing the irreversible rules of time. Three years ago, when he was 55, he looked positively Greek-godlike as he completed a roofing job shirtless in his justifiably Oscar-winning role in Once Upon a Time… In Hollywood. Earlier this year he gleamed like the top of the Chrysler Building in his hilarious turn as a glamorous daredevil adventurer in The Lost City. Now, suddenly, in Bullet Train, he’s a bit wrinkly, he’s a bit puffy, and his plentiful hair doesn’t exactly look fully real. In other words, he looks his age—by which I mean the age of 58 if you’re Brad Pitt. Trust me, I didn’t look anything like him when I was 58 a few years ago, but he is now recognizably in my cohort, whereas before he seemed gorgeously...

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Aug 8th 2022
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