‘Easter Sunday’ Breaks Ground, Falls Back on Sitcom-Style Yuks

Jo Koy is ready for his close up, and it’s about time the same can be said for Filipino-Americans.

Koy’s “Easter Sunday” doesn’t reinvent culture-clash yuks. It’s formulaic and mostly safe, with a winning star turn and some crisp supporting work. It’s also immediately fresh by focusing on a culture mainstream movies avoid.

Koy’s comedy clout made that possible. And, like the recent Pixar films that broadened the cultural canvas, it’s a welcome turn of events.

If only “Easter Sunday” didn’t make so many pit stops along the way.

Koy plays Joe Valencia, a stand-up comic known for a cheesy beer commercial. It’s one of several running bits the screenplay puts to good use.

Our Joe is close to landing his dream gig on a sitcom, but the show runners want him...

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Aug 5th 2022
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