‘Prey’ Pushes Woke Aside for Genre Thrills

At last, a “Predator” spin-off that doesn’t make you re-watch the 1987 original to get the bad taste out of your mouth.

That doesn’t mean “Prey” tops the source material. Hardly. Director John McTiernan’s film has aged remarkably well, from its relentless pace to that glorious finale.

What “Prey” does is lean into the genre essentials. That, combined with a whiff of imagination, makes it superior to franchise extenders like “The Predator” and “Predators.”

Yes, the new “Prey” has its woke elements. We follow a hardscrabble Native American woman who wants to hunt as hard, and as successfully, as her male peers. And if she has to physically out-muscle men twice her size, well that’s what 21st century screenwriters demand.

Take that, Comanche patriarchy!


Proper Review
Aug 3rd 2022
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