'Anqeefa swamp creature?' Here are some of the goons arrested while protesting Dave Chappelle's recent show

Let's jump in the way-back machine and go to last week. Dave Chappelle was supposed to perform at First Avenue in Minneapolis, Minnesota, but a tiny group of radical trans activists managed to force the squish management to cancel the show. Chappelle just moved the performance to a different venue and performed anyway. That didn't sit well with the activists, though, and they showed up at the new venue in an attempt to get him canceled again.

Several members of the unruly group of mentally damaged leftists were arrested during that protest, and thanks to the great people over at Townhall, we can now laugh at a few of them. They really are the perfect examples of what it means to be radical lefties. Enjoy!

First up is Rachel Bean--charged with assault in the first degree and riot--hates...

Aug 3rd 2022
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