'Detroit: A City on the Move'...into the Abyss

Ed Driscoll "In 1965 Detroit produced a 20 minute film designed to sell itself to the Olympic Committee which would choose where to host the games in 1968. Watching it in retrospect it's amazing how far the city has fallen in 50 years," John Sexton writes at the Breitbart.com group blog:In the introduction to the film, Mayor Jerome Cavanagh says his city is experiencing its "finest hour." That turned out to be true. Just two years later Detroit became the scene of the nation's worst rioting since the Civil War. Over the next five days, 43 people would be killed and nearly 1200 injured. Police made 7,000 arrests made and the chaos finally stopped after President Lyndon Johnson sent in 8,000 members of the National Guard. Yet in 1965, Mayor Cavanagh seems pleased (see part 2 below)...

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Jul 24th 2013
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