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If you like British comedy it's more of a melodrama with dry humor (dramedy?) than it is a dark comedy. Think less "Sean of the Dead" and more on the bummer side. The acoustic indie soundtrack makes that clear. Surprisingly White. Few tokens here and there with no real distinctive characteristics but no big deal. Season 02 Episode 02 has a simp phrase: “Women are better than men, they only try to bring us up to their standard.” Gay! The rest of the male and female interactions were pretty good. Solid satire of modern life. Pretty sure the two soccer hooligans with a podcast were making fun of Andrew Tate. The show feels like an unofficial spin-off to "Louie." Similar energy. Season 1 is amazing 4/5 stars Season 2 is meh 2.5/5 stars (season finale has a nice climax and some trans commentary) Season 3 is pretty good 4/5 stars For the whole series, I'd give it a 3.5/5. Series finale was great. Great analogy about life and the way they edited was touching and reverberated into my soul. Watch it for a palate cleanser from typical Hollywood "paint by numbers" explosions and fast-paced one-liner comedy.

Jul 27th 2022
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