REVIEW: ‘Nope’

Everybody is rooting for Jordan Peele, the wonderful sketch comedian who unexpectedly became a superstar behind the camera with the release of his sensational horror comedy Get Out in 2017. The movies need creative types whose upcoming work generates excitement and anticipation, and there aren't many these days; certainly not in comparison with the 1970s, when ordinary filmgoers eagerly awaited the next Coppola, the next Friedkin, the next Woody Allen, the next Fellini and Bergman, the next Mazursky, the next Lumet.

Peele immediately became someone like that for our time. Get Out, which combines take-no-prisoners racial satire with genuine scares and laughs, made a zillion dollars off a $4 million budget and justifiably won Peele an original screenplay Oscar. He followed it up with Us two...

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Jul 25th 2022
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