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Another nice one from my youth, this film used to be my favourite, now that I am older the obviously flaws are apparent, its a raw, bloody film, with an average story, a lot of bad actors, some nice swords fights, but what still makes this film great is the soundtrack by Basil Poledouris, it carries the film and turns it from a 3 star film into a 4 star film. Now that I am a lot older, I notice the slower more sensual pieces please me more then the pumping action medleys. But still, Poledouris wrote an entire soundtrack for the film and every piece has so much feeling and emotion behind it, from love and sadness, to introspection and pumping action, with the occasional majestic overtones. Another great aspect about this film is that its basically the story of a White man fighting non-White ethnicities, can you imagine a film where a Cimmerian escapes a bunch of cruel Mongolians and a Mongolian witch, then befriends a Norseman who has conquered an Central-Asian city, followed by an epic fight with a Negro turned cult leader? These two things, the great soundtrack and the "White man lost in a world of coloreds" will make sure this film stay a classic.
Jul 25th 2022
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