Nope, 2022 - ★★½

It might be ascertained that besides the plethoric, milquetoast churning, and gargantuan studio led and driven episodic entires handed out like chocolate and snozzberries at Wonka’s factory by Feige and the Marvel Illuminati (except for the Merry Marvel Madmen at the bullpen for No Way Home, those jackasses… well, okay, them too) that drives the moviegoing audience mostly nowadays, there is one filmmaker or artiste, Jordan Peele, with a vision who can get the general audience going. Albeit for me, besides seeing two of his three films, the Key & Peele star still remains a big blind spot. Why? Because his ever so beloved Get Out hasn’t pierced through my retinas. “Oh, Get Out is so great, it’s just amazing, it’s excellent, superb, and fantastic, it’s better than my girlfriend.”...

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Jul 24th 2022
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