Watch: Jill Biden Has Two Words for Voter Who Calls Her Husband the Worst President Ever, 'Thank You'

While her husband is isolating due to catching schmovid, close contact Jill Biden was out and about in Connecticut. Our first lady went for ice cream with the governor and a guy who reportedly thinks parents concerned about their children's education are domestic terrorists. They were going to go for tacos, but... you know. Voters in this deep blue state assembled hoping to catch a glimpse of our First Lady, and possibly discuss the issues of the day. One voter let DOCTOR Biden know, "Your husband is the worst President we ever had. You OWE us gas money."

It looks like the first lady is saying thank you to a man who informed her that her husband sucks at life. The logical explanation is that she didn't "hear" what the man said and because she was in a deep blue state, assumed everyone...

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Jul 23rd 2022
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