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I watched this film for the first time yesterday, it was friday, I had bought some fish dishes from my local fish restaurant, I was planning to stay up late like every friday, so for some reason I decided I wanted to watch this old classic and from the very beginning I was incredibly delighted by this wonderful sensitive drama. Wild Strawberries is no doubt a cultural treasure, one of the best films ever made, perhaps not to everyone liking, but that isnt the purpose of art. Wild Strawberries is the wonderful tale of an old man, cold, isolated and lonely who slowly builds up a redemption through cryptic dreams, memories of his past, the people he meets on his road trip, its difficult to describe how well this film works in my opinion without spoiling the plot. The main theme is coldness and isolation, we learn about Isak Borg, his indifference to the world, his love that he lost at a young age, we see the coldness in his own mother, we see it in his own son, this is constrasted with his upbringing in his own birth house, which is strict but not cold, we see it constrasted with the young people, we get some religious imagery, its a very sad roadtrip through his memories. Another wonderful part about the film are Isaks memories about his childhood home, Scandinavians always have a very light and airy aspect to their clothes, houses, like a painting by Carl Larson and its a joy too see the boys and girls in a beautiful furnished 19th century home. All and all I feled like I just watches Dickens Chrismas Carol, only the vices are small and hidden and the solution is not materialism, but love for your fellow man. Recomended for everyone who is getting older.
Jul 23rd 2022
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