Peele’s ‘Nope’ Might Be Year’s Worst Film

Jordan Peele, meet M. Night Shyamalan.

The “Sixth Sense” director was once the toast of Hollywood before his films devolved into tortured “gotcha” exercises. Shyamalan has never been the same, creatively speaking, even if he occasionally teases a return to form a la 2016’s “Split.”

Can we expect a similar arc with Peele following his third film, “Nope?”

Even the best directors have clunkers on their resume – Steven Spielberg’s “1941” may be the best example. It’s how badly Peele orchestras his UFO thriller that should give even his greatest fans pause.

Oscar-winner Daniel Kaluuya stars as O.J. Haywood, son of a Hollywood-approved horse farmer. His pappy (Keith David, in a micro-cameo that screams for more screen time) supplied horses for various TV and...

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Jul 20th 2022
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